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Make your brand an experience.

At The Pixelate we use Experimental Marketing as the key to increase
your brand’s client outreach and to expand brand exposure. Pixelate’s
creative team and the visionary team will work with your brand to provide
you with innovative impressions and also helps you conduct unique and
striking events for your target audience.  We stand by you in every step,
starting from ideation through execution. We work together effortlessly to
bring your innovative visualisations to life.  


Our production ranges from large corporate PR and red-carpet events to
small size interactive sessions such as live events, pop-up stores, mobile
roadshows and also guerrilla campaigns.


The Pixelate recognises the importance of interacting with your customers
in a unique and engaging way, so it creates a connection and provides
memorable experiences for your audience. We take all possible measures
to make sure that your production will generate a buzz and create a
remarkable attention for your visual brand and message. Together, we’ll
find your target audience and demographic addition for the launch of a
relatable, compatible location, providing user-friendly social media actions
and engagement throughout.  


By bringing together the way you visualise and talk about your brand with
market research and consumer trends we can design a strategy that gives
us a framework of what your brand is and what it will be, what are the
suitable methods and modes of communication will allow it to prosper.

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