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How two mothers started a successful business while being locked up!

The Jhapki Story

We at the Pixelate got on a call with the founders of Jhapki to learn the story of how they created a clothing brand amid the pandemic. Not only did the brand find some success, but it also created a production line that created employment for many artisans in the rural parts of Jaipur. Especially during the pandemic, those workers found the creation of Jhapki a heaven-sent form of daily work.

Founders of Jhapki, Mrs Sakshi Agarwal and Mrs Esha Abrol, gave a special shoutout to their family and friends who have been a constant pillar of support through the process. Mrs Sakshi has prior experience in entrepreneurship, where she created a shoe brand that imported high-end shoes for the Indian market. Mrs Isha, a former professor pursuing her doctorate in Journalism, works with Churchill Shoes in a role that deals with E-Commerce.

Jhapki, like many other brands, was created to address a problem that people were facing. A line of loungewear that came with style and comfort seemed to be a hot product for the market, especially when people are home due to the pandemic. All the designs are simple, elegant and handcrafted with Rajasthani influence from the artisans of Jaipur.

"It took a month or so for us to get all our thoughts together and recollect what we had, and then we came out with this brand." - Esha Abrol.

Why "Jhapki"?

A brand that wanted to stick to the ideals of 'be Indian, buy Indian', the name had to have an Indian touch to it. After brainstorming over 500 words, they arrived at the word "Jhapki", which translates to a quick nap'. With their family and friends unanimously voting for it and the fact that it directly relates to their product, Jhapki seemed like the best option.

"Everybody just voted saying Jhapki! Jhapki!" - Sakshi Agarwal.

Once they had a name, they turned to The Pixelate for the design work to begin. A logo being a prime part of the brand's identity, a lot of work went into making a logo that resonated with the brand's identity and the founder's image of the brand.

The logo needed to be Indian at heart and with an optimistic aura that suited the feel of the brand. After the first set of options, the founders returned with feedback which helped arrive at a logo ideal for the brand.

The final product was a logo in English with a touch of Hindi to draw in the Indian roots of the brand.

"I think we already knew what we wanted in terms of how the kind of feel it had to give, and after you showed us options, the colours resonated with us." - Sakshi Agarwal.

"We wanted something bright and vibrant because that's what our brand wanted to convey. We wanted the colour to be something that conveyed brightness and happiness." - Esha Abrol.

The proverbial first customer:

The first customer of any startup brand would be friends and family, and Jhapki was no different. Within 30 minutes, they had 4-5 orders already lined up. An adrenaline rush and a supportive family kickstarted their journey in the market that is now a budding business that expanded into men's wear and pyjamas with fervour demand.

"It was such a daze. For an hour, we were figuring out what to do and what was happening? That adrenaline rush was something we can never forget." - Sakshi Agarwal.

Apart from this being a business endeavour for both the founders, Jhapki has become a pet project created by two childhood friends with the enthusiastic support of their family and friends.

The everyday conversations, arguments and late-night conversations have made Jhapki a welcome and fun priority in their lives. The Ka-ching sound of an order is a welcome sound for both their families, who constantly celebrate every order.

"I stay in a joint family, and everyone knows the sound. Every day, they shout, "There's an order. Where are you?" and constantly kept us hyped and pushed us up." - Esha Abrol.

How to get the word out there?

Starting with a catalogue and eventually a website, the choice was a hard one to make. Initially, sticking to the time-tested strategy of word of mouth with family and friends. Although Amazon and Myntra were under consideration, preference leaned towards direct sales due to the direct access and communication with customers.

"I think Amazon to us was more of a marketing space than a sale platform." - Sakshi Agarwal.

In Conclusion:

As a business, Jhapki is trying to float in the pandemic. Not looking too much towards the profit aspect, the focus leaned towards breaking even until this pandemic is over. Although our order values fluctuate monthly, the focus is on maintaining our brand growth and eventually working towards eventually having our factories and production lines.

"I think what helped us during a pandemic was a solid backend production line. If your business has its production and raw materials sorted, it makes the entire process a lot easier." - Sakshi Agarwal.

"If there is one thing we would do different, it's probably doing this in person with events and shows rather than over calls and Zoom." - Esha Abrol.

Jhapki continues to provide high-quality loungewear at compelling prices with the handwork of Indian artisans from across the country. Sounds like something you would like?


and check out their products.

PS. Let us know if you like the logo we made. (which we know you did ;))

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